10 Things Only Class Monitors Will Relate To

Being a class monitor is no easy task. Not everyone is fond of you because you have authority over them and you have to find a balance between letting your friends off the hook and deciding when their antics have gotten way out of hand. Being a class monitor is immense amount of responsibility for a child and prepares them for leadership roles in the future. If you’re one of those children, you will definitely relate to this list.

  • You absolutely love being the teacher’s pet : You love it when the teacher picks you to run her errands or asks you to make sure everyone behaves while she’s away. You like being in the good books of those who educate you even though it might mean getting a few death stares from the other students.

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  • You love the power and authority that comes along with being the class monitor : You thrive on being ahead of the curve and being able to tell your peers what to do and to stay quiet. It gives you great pleasure to know that they have to listen to you or they might get in to trouble.

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  • You love wearing your monitor badge proudly on your shoulders : Your monitor badge is like your very own medal of honour. You love flaunting your badge because you know you’ve taken great pains to earn it.

  • You’re the kind of person who sits on the first bench and pays rapt attention to what the teacher is saying : You’re the disciplined one who likes being ahead in class, that is not to say you’re just a miss goody two shoes. You know how and when to have your fun too!

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  • You love disciplining others and writing their names on the blackboard when they make too much noise : This is something all class monitors take great pleasure in- writing the names of those who dare to create a ruckus during your watch on the board. You know these are the people who will get in to trouble when the teacher comes back.

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  • Even though you’re the monitor you’re obviously bias to your friends and never write their name on the board : Your friends can do whatever they want and get away with it because they’re your friends and you obviously do not want them to get in to trouble.

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  • You hate the back benchers because they always create the most trouble for you : This is not to say that all back-benchers are the rowdiest but more often than not, they’re the worst of the lot. They always create trouble for you and try to bully you in to not doing your job but you know how to handle them well.

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  • You’re always ready with your hand up in the air whenever the teacher asks the class any question : Other students hate you for this but you love being a know-it-all. And if you do know the answer to something, you don’t see the harm in showing off a little bit.


  • You are not only a geek but also take part in extracurricular activities : You’re not the nerd of the class but the one who participates in everything. You aren’t necessarily the top ranker but an all-rounder.

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  • All in all, you love being ahead of everyone else and making sure you’re the best at everything : You would love it if you were the best at everything but since that’s not possible you make sure you put in maximum effort into all your endeavours and take part in everything. After all what fun is school life if you don’t expose yourself to everything and learn what you’re the best at.

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Courtesy : The Paras World School


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