Admission Tips To Get Your Child Into The Top School Of Your Choice

Preparing your child for interview’s is no easy task. Every parent wants what’s best for their child which means they have to do whatever it takes to get their children into the top schools; right from collecting admission forms to relentlessly preparing the child for the admission process. If you’re a parent trying to get your child into kindergarten schools in Gurgaon, these admission tips will definitely go a long way in helping you.

  • Make a list of the best schools in your vicinity and find out when they start distributing forms : There are ample number of kids school in Gurgaon, therefore you need to short list those which are best for you. Once you’ve made a list of all the schools, get in touch with teachers or school experts to understand what your child will be tested on and what he/she is expected to know.

best schools in Gurgaon

  • Try not be tense and put on a calm front : Your child will be tested on his speech and his perception of the world. A child can sense when his parents are stressed which will get on to him and make him nervous as well.


  • Always let your child express what he/she feels freely : Do not try to shelter your child and encourage him to talk to anyone and everyone and express himself. This will build the child’s confidence and help him better express himself during the school interview.

CBSE Schools

  • Encourage your child to ask questions and simulate his curiosity : Let your child behave like a child and ask questions. Do not shun your child when he asks you too many questions or dismiss his queries with nonsensical answers. Children are very perceptive and will pick up on it when you don’t take them seriously.

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  • Help your child develop social etiquette : Tell your child what needs to be done when they meet new people. Ask them to shake hands with acquaintances and always greet the neighbours. Ensure that they always thank those who bring them any sort of gifts or even pay them compliments. Always tell them to help someone in need and be nice to everyone in general.

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  • Role play with your child and prepare him for what’s coming in the interview: Ask him to spell his name, recite nursery rhymes and identify colours, vegetables and fruits. This will help prepare him for any question the interviewer might ask. Explain to your child why it’s important for him to know these things even though he might not completely understand.

gurgaon schools

  •  Ensure that your child maintains basic hygiene and has good table manners : It is very important to teach your kids to remain clean. This will help him not only get into a good school but in life as well. Do not allow your child to blow spit bubbles and remain dirty. Teach your child not to litter from the very beginning so that he knows it’s wrong.

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  • Make sure your child is clear on the basics : Teach your child your family name, grandparents names and how to spell his own name. These questions are bound to come up in any nursery interview. It is important for your child to have a basic knowledge about everything from numbers to colors to help him get into a good school.

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