Schools Without Events are Like Flowers Without a Garden

Is there anyone who wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of flowers? There would be none. It is a thing of beauty that appeals to everyone and helps in beautifying the nature. A flower needs a home that has doses of health and growth in it. That is the garden. In a similar manner, a school is mere a building of cement and bricks if there are no events for students. Events are known to cause a stir among the students which is directly proportional to their degree of concentration on studies. It is true that schools in DLF Gurgaon have been seen showing some activities that involved kids, but that needs consistency.

Gurgaon is a hub to corporates and people living with high-status profile and there is no dearth of good schools. What is a good school? Is it referred to a building that scores at the end of the academic year? Apart from pre nursery school in Gurgaon, hardly any school is active as they miss the energy and the soul to go that extra mile and spread the seed of enthusiasm in Kids.

A school that stands away from the crowd is The Paras World School, constantly trying to build humans and not robots. They have inculcated the art of schooling and educating. They have understood the zest of life that “education is not confined to marks”. The school has students that are always seen fling themselves into activities and events that need the practicality of life.

Some of the events of The Paras Word School, one of the best schools in Sector 50, Gurgaon

As the academic year starts, the school is equally engaged in events like they are in studies. Many events have been conducted and participated in till date. A few events that were the highlights should definitely be mentioned.

  • Kshitij, celebrating Innovation: This event is a remarkable one as it demanded inquisitiveness and innovative ideas of children. Organized by Pathways, students of Paras World School emerged as victorious. Now, that’s education

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  • Researching the Harappan Civilization: Harappan civilization is a long lost civilization and students of many schools of Gurgaon or schools in Rose Wood city, Gurgaon must have forgotten. It wasn’t too different with the kids of this school; however, the creation of Wikipedia on Harappan Civilization by the students of the fifth standard is worth mentioning.


  • Literary Week 1 and 2: Students learn it the literary way and there can’t be a better initiative than this. The young children of the school participated in literary week 1 and 2 and got acquainted with classic and contemporary work of art and literature.

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We can only wish that each of the schools start showing similar interest in raising the bars for students in winning the examination of life with flying colors and not just passing an examination with good marks.


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