Schools in Gurgaon should include Books that are more than Science and Math

School education is the foundation that makes a child a responsible citizen of the country in the future. Is that enough to call someone a citizen and that too a responsible one? I guess it takes more than just the books in the syllabus. It is an uphill task for the best schools in Gurgaon to implement books that are not included by CBSE. Before it becomes a responsibility of the schools, the board of education should ponder over this and take an action. If this is considered, it will not be as easy as ABC. Cracking a book within the syllabus is not a task, what actually is the getting used to with books that have not been included yet.


Top five Books that should be a part of premier Gurgaon Schools

When there are so many top kids schools in Gurgaon, the school should understand and accommodate the fact that there are many eager beavers who need the hand-holding to do better than the average students. Can we do that? Nothing is impossible. Five essential books that should be a part of the curriculum are listed.

  1. Story Books: We do have stories in the books of the primary sections but is there a book that is completely dedicated to classic stories that can teach students more than just how to write answers? Story books are attractive with colorful pictures and have the language that can help a student comprehend and use in daily life. If Gurgaon Schools take this up, many students will show gradual interest in reading books from the bookstores.
  2. Books on Sports Education: We do emphasize sports to students but are we telling them the right lessons about it? Will they ever take it seriously? To nurture this into potential sportsperson, books on sports education will play a vital role.
  3. Motivational Books: Such books can inspire students to copy those words and actions by those achievers who have made it to the cover page of many books only because they knew the passion of them. For schools to be the best schools in Gurgaon, only teaching kids to answer a question of the syllabus isn’t going to hit the bull’s eye.
  4. Books on Empathy: Even meritorious students of international and CBSE schools fail to impress elders with their poor skills on empathy. It is not the fault of the students. When learning ABC, they learn words and sentences and get the scholar’s title, why do they fail in empathizing the right way? We never teach them. We teach them to be robots more than human.
  5. Books on Awareness: Awareness is missing amongst the children. They don’t know enough about natural disaster and how to react to such circumstances. Apart from this, education of environment should be a priority as the University of Life is the main source of education.

Tops schools in Gurgaon should put their thinking caps on and emphasize on nurturing humans than robots and machines.

With school books already in place, new and fresh ideas like these can add to the learnability of students which is the ultimate goal of every institution.



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