Top 5 Benefits of Sports that a Student must get Equipped With

Sport is not acknowledged by schools until they make it to the Dronacharya Award or Arjuna Award. This is a flaw that the schools and educational institutions have been teaching with. Sport is more than what it is considered in society. A recent research has revealed that physical activity of any form enhances the brain development in a child and  The Paras World School has taken it pretty seriously to encourage students in sports activity.


Look at their faces! They aren’t sad or unhappy. They are ecstatic

Five  benefits that International Schools in Gurgaon are reaping from and so should other schools

  1. Increased heart rate counts: Any form of physical activity undertaken by kids during school hours doesn’t hamper their results. On the other hand, increased heart rate benefits both the brain and body.
  2. An Active body is the smartest body: A body that is highly active and charged up is way better than bodies that have dullness and pale faces. No one loves to see a long face of a child. Sport pours happiness and joy too.
  3. Improves Performance: Schools in Gurgaon are proofs of better performance. Some of the schools in the city have been engaged in sport and physical activity that have in turn brought laurels of success to the school. The same sports stars have done impeccably well in examinations too.
  4. Great way to rejuvenate: A child gets tired of constant study. Sports activities in between help those sleepy minds rejuvenate and put in more efforts on studies after that. Every parent will love it.
  5. Keep the Doctor Away: No one is hidden from the fact that chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart stroke etc. are quite common in older people these days. Children and tender minds if get into physical activity of any form build better immunity compared to those anti-sport people.

If we look around, we witness a few  CBSE schools inculcating this and a few not. Parents and schools should come together and jointly encourage sport that can prove to be a wonderful accessory in your child’s life. Right now the best school in Gurgaon, The Paras World School is rigorously promoting sport among students to make them stronger and healthier. Why can’t other schools?


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