Five Questions an Educator must ask for Improved Education

Do you think you are teaching the right way? If you are a teacher and still question your skills, then you must ponder over the questions below. If you never want to be raised fingers at by someone, time for you to check now. All schools in India even the best school in Gurgaon can give a thought


Five questions that can change a student’s future

  1.  What is my duty?

A teacher’s duty is more than teaching only. If all this while you have been helping the kids to read what is there in the book, then you are crushing one-fourth of the iceberg. There is more a teacher can do to bring about a change. I would like to quote The Paras World School here that is emphasizing on “duty beyond duty”. Sitting and talking to a student can do a great deal in counseling and educate. Knowledge is not confined to books.

  1.  Do I walk that extra Mile?

This is a vital question that needs an answer desperately. Have you waited to teach a student the lessons that he or she is struggling to cope with? If you haven’t yet, then it is high time for you to change your profession.

  1.   Am I mentoring or teaching?

More than teaching, one needs to be mentored. It can be rightly explained by the faculty of The Paras World School. They understand the individual style of learning and mentor accordingly. When you teach, you teach them to be scripted. When you mentor, you cater to each student’s potential.

  1.  Will I enjoy my classes?

Like the way, we taste the food before being served to check whether it will be relished by others or not, realizing your classroom aura is important in a similar way. If the answer to the above question is No, it is imperative that you either change or quit.

  1.  Am I making the students Exam Ready or Future Ready?

Education has gotten so boring and unintellectual that students are getting ready for examinations and not future. Most of the schools don’t realize the importance of concept education. Practical learning is given no strategic approach. The Paras World School considered the best school in Gurgaon is following this lead and showing exemplary improvement.

A little tweak in the education and the educator’s attitude can impact the schooling strategy to an extent that our country too can be cited as the example for quality education.








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