The Growing International School in Gurgaon – The Paras World School

The Paras World School has been growing day by day with its creative approach to making learning simpler and interesting.  This kids School in Gurgaon is made with an aim to provide the best facilities for overall development of their students.  You will surely be amazed by their methodology and the result they have delivered. They strive to empower students for evolution to attain the highest aspirations of life. This prestigious School celebrated its first Annual function which was a great success. The Annual day was held on 4th of December 2016 and many students with their parents attended it. Here is a glimpse of the things which made it to the extraordinary success of the function.


 Annual function on 4th December

The first Annual day of the top CBSE School began at 6 pm with the hosting done by the faculty. The programme was executed by showcasing “Rewrite Stories” where the elders explained the old and renowned stories in an interesting manner to the students. Moral and famous stories were visualised for the students. The students of Gurgaon’s best school mesmerised everyone. The stories were presented in a very interesting manner so that the students enjoy the function thoroughly. The annual Day was celebrated with an aim to inculcate ethics and values on the students as it can always help them to be on the right path. Many fascinating stories were seen by the students like the famous ‘tortoise and rabbit story’.


The story that is always fascinating

The story is all about the slow tortoise who wins the race against the superfast Rabbit. This motivating story has always been quite impressive as it delivers a moral that ‘Slow and steady always wins the race’. Another story about the ‘Lion in the Well’ was also admired by many. In this Story, the foolish lion was very proud of his power and was conned by a smart rabbit. The intelligent Rabbit makes the egotistical lion jumped into the well as he was too proud of his strength and considers himself to be the best. This gives a message that the ‘intelligence wins over might’ and ‘overconfidence is harmful’. Such stories are always great to show a correct path to the children.


Many more Stories were picturised by the faculty and the elder students and were explained to the children. Such stories can be proved to be extremely beneficial for the overall development of the children. Also, many environmental related things were enlightened. These old stories had always been a tool for the parents and teachers to guide them for their future. Also, the function focused on the importance of communication and presented the significance of our cultural heritage. All these things suggest us to help others and respect our traditions and other culture as well.


It is also essential to develop an understanding to maintain a balance in our life. The message through this annual day was to strive for excellence in not only academics but in every undertaking. This top School in Gurgaon always tries to train and assist their students in facing any challenges in their life.


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