Events are the Reflection of School – Gurgaon World School

The best aspect that determines a school’s worthiness is the event that takes place. Functions like Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Parents’ Day and Sports Week are the few names to add to the events but they are the basic ones that every school must observe. What set a school apart are other events out of the busy academic sessions throughout? How about Wheel to Heal? Have you ever heard of such? No, it is no way related to Science or health or Automatics. It is an event or may be an initiative that has been undertaken by one of the blossoming schools in Gurgaon, Haryana The Paras World School.


This is not just one event that is unique. Let me list down the rest so that I can share my share of happiness of seeing a school getting into nonacademic steps that helps a kid hone his or her social awareness skills and become street smart.

  • Wheel to Heal: With the old school way of healthy living shaking hands with creating awareness on pollution is a leap that the students, faculties, parents and well-wishers of this premier institution has got into. Your eyes will not believe like that of mine when I saw these little enthusiasts cycling to their glory to spread the awareness of pollution.
  • Waldorf Education Group: This gurgaon world school is definitely taking Gurgaon, the heart of India to a different level in terms of education through its extra ordinary learning session with the Waldorf Education Group. What better way to bring students close to knowledge and wisdom.
  • Microsoft Workshop: This is not just meant for the students but teachers and parents too so that each one is made acquainted with the latest information communication technology by partnering with De Pedagogics so that for none it remains Greek.
  • Summer Camp Week: This summer camp conducted during the summer break in June brings exciting time for kids off their studies.
  • Earth Day: I am sure most of the younger generation only hears about the very important Earth Day and just a handful of them does something on the day. In that handful number, this cbse schools in gurgaon definitely has marked a footprint by involving each kid in Save the Earth campaign.
  • Fun Do Fun: This event caught my attention when it was in the news that children in the age group of 3 to 11 are brought to work among one another to coherently understand intricate technique of learning through activities like telescope making, blowing of balloon and many more. In short, this is more about helping the kids learn Science behind everything with hands on experience.
  • Grand Adventure Carnival: The name suggests more about it than I could write. It is all about fun and adventurous activities of students where parents and guardians were welcome too. The children’s happiness and excitement knew no bounds.
  • Multiple Learning Style: This is what I have been advocating about all this while in other blogs on The Paras World School. With this event, the school wants to understand the style of learning of each student in order to be incorporated by teachers to make them learned.

This is just a few events I have known about. Oh yes! How could I forget about the festivals celebrated with optimum enthusiasm and energy that brings children from every community as one group? The lesson of Unity in Diversity which is very crucial Indian Constitution is inculcated with all pride so that they are engineered to value humans and not the community or religion.

With so much to learn and only learn each day, your kid can get the edge to the new age of learning coupled with up to date technology.

You can visit their Facebook page or Google about them to know more if you are interested after this information.


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