Paras World School: Pre Primary Skill Development

I want to start this bog with a question for all. What is the first step towards making a fantastic recipe? Collecting all the ingredients that make up for the taste and flavor is the answer. If we don’t have the basic elements that are required to complete an authentic dish, that will be a compromise. Let me throw another question. What is the first thing we must keep in mind before building a house? A house that stands strong and attractive at the same time? Well it is the foundation and the beautification. We all are aware of that and do put our efforts in getting that right. So what happens when we are dealing with our kids?

I see kids read what they have in the lessons. They read the definition of Evaporation with no clue what that is. They by heart kinetic energy and know not the basics of it. That’s where we are missing. We need to build that foundation that can result in an individual who is brilliant and jack of all traits but master of none. One should know how to participate in a conversation. Without that how are we training the children to grow? Like a puppet?


It is time to take careful step in building that person who fears nothing, a person who knows what to answer and what is happening. A student aware of everything is a successful individual. We should learn from Paras World School Gurgaon which has implemented Pre Primary Skill Development Classes. It comprises of the following categories of skill development.

  • Mechanical Studio
  • Fine Motor Skills Room
  • Social emotional skills room
  • Cognitive skills room
  • Language development lab

The first segment of learning technique helps in bringing Science, technology coupled with Math and Engineering for the children of the pre primary section. It ensures fun and learning are parts of the learning. It aims at inculcating curiosity about the mechanics of science involved with hands on experience.

The second segment that is Fine Motor Skills Room is a great room that makes sure that each student who leaves the room is an excellent writer for long hours. This skill development helps a child by strengthening the muscles of fingers and hands and thereby improving stamina in a kid’s fingers to hold pencil for long.

The Social and emotional skill development is an extra ordinary way of getting children express their emotions accurately and making them a socially responsible citizen. It helps child control anger and makes friends with the people around. These activities also teach a kid to understand the life ahead that it is not a cake walk every time. They need to understand to keep a balanced approach to such situations.

Cognitive skills on the other hand is the first step towards making a child understand the importance of attention, learning and master the art of retaining things. This methodology is more about progressive learning towards a child’s excellent learning skills.

Finally the Language Development lab that works like the heart of the whole system is the most important element. Who can understand you if you fail to express your feelings properly? For the new learners that are kids, it becomes challenging. In this lab, kids are taught to comprehend languages which are colloquially spoken. They are introduced to new words each day so that it builds their vocabulary. These efforts by Paras world School can stand as challenges to many premier institutions in Haryana and India as a whole.

Challenges are after all scopes to be better. Hats off to this school and the impeccable attempts to building a massive pool of talent!



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