From the Memoirs of a School Girl


“What is your aim in life?”

I will become a doctor, as I want to treat my patients who are economically backward for free. These were the exact words of the beginning of my essay when I was in fifth or sixth standard. I aspired to be a doctor not because I knew everything about the profession. My surrounding (by surrounding I mean people) led me to think in that way. How I wish I had someone to tell me to do what I want to be! I was constantly reminded that doctors and engineers are the status in the society that people will bow to.

It was after my tenth standard that I realized to be a doctor wasn’t my passion. My passion was something else. I wanted to be someone who loves to mentor and teach. I wanted to lay the foundation of the kids to help them think and believe in what they feel is the best for them. English became my forte. It had eventually grown on me. No one supported me. My teachers dropped by to advise that I take up Science as my stream after tenth. I mean really? What if I flunk after that? Do you take the responsibility of my career? The answer was no and people started looking down upon me. Since then I made up my mind to advocate education that is free from boundaries. Seeing the new age school Paras World School – one of the Best Schools in Gurgaon accomplish something like this is a great achievement for the society. I wish them luck in the venture. It is so nice to see those kids follow their dreams and learn different forms of art and skills that can help them understand what they like and what they should follow to make it big in life. Kudos to the new age thought incorporated.

You wouldn’t have been reading this piece of writing by me if I had not followed my dream. Life would have been different, may be not as happy and content as I am today. The Paras World School is echoing my dream of seeing our country grow as individuals first and then as professionals. Their initiative which is called iStream is a six in one advantageous step. It lets a child groom in all possible directions of skill development. The six elements of iStream are –

  1. Technology enabled climate controlled classroom where students are taught to be knowledgeable and not just read lessons
  2. Exploration lab of Science where students are brought to contact with the Science around us, may be the basics at this tender age but that’s the first step
  3. Exploration lab of Mechanics which help the kids understand the concept of mechanics in the most lucid manner
  4. Learning studio where the fresh minds are helped to inculcate skills pertaining to pottery, painting and more
  5. Play and Learn studio that helps a kid to learn through fun. There’s no better way to learn that this
  6. Outdoor sports which makes the kids strong mentally and physically improving their stamina.

 Gurgaon Top Schools

I wish these little initiatives are adopted by other big names in the field of education so that the young minds are nurtured and not forced to do a particular action.

If I hadn’t followed my dream of being an English teacher, I wouldn’t have been successful because I was not good at Science but English language and that has made all the difference today.


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