Make your Kids Future Ready with The Paras World School

The word School implies the stepping stone towards one’s leap to the future success. Without this baby step, no one can ever reach the summit. In India and abroad, schools are considered to be the foundation of the physical and mental ability of a person. Without school education, it is hard to imagine a life that is civil and developed. Out of many reputed and well known schools in India, one that has proved its niche is Paras World School. Since the inception of Paras Group that is in the year 1960, the legacy has been continuing its legacy through various spectrums like dairy, healthcare as well as real estate. Now the new but a fresh venture Paras World School is the first step towards the improvisation of the old school tradition. It is a premium institution of education located in Central Gurgaon of Haryana state. Let us know the reasons which are contributing to the school’s climbing up the ladder of success in no time.

Top Schools in Gurgaon - Paras World School

Infrastructure and Facilities

Located at sector 50 of Gurgaon, the school has a vast area with a gorgeous looking building that reflects the education system within the school. Not just the building, but if you have a closer look into its academically excellent curriculum, one can only be spellbound. There are very few schools and educational institutions that believe in providing all round development of kids. Apart from foundation building classes during the routine hours, The Paras World School focuses on other activities that have equal contribution in the shaping of a young mind. The following are some of the facilities within the campus-

  • Talent Interaction Room that facilitates discussion and debates among the students or between the children and the faculties
  • Library coupled with e Library adds on to interactive learning ability of the kids
  • Separate dance and music studio to nurture the potential of talented kids
  • IT enabled campus
  • Well-equipped Science lab, Discovery lab, Computer Lab and Robotics Lab
  • Sculpture room and Drama and Theater Studio are meant for those who want something different from life

These infrastructural facilities together with air conditioned class rooms make it a premium and Top Schools in Gurgaon.

Pedagogy of Teaching

Unlike other institutions, The Paras World School has been nurturing the minds of the students not to be in the rat race. The Principal further adds that they don’t want the kids to fulfill the dream of the world; rather they want the students to believe in their potential and choose what they want from life that give the true meaning of life. Now, that is unique. This is the mantra which if every school or guardians follow can definitely make each individual unique and happy in life, not just being successful. Some of the highlights of their schooling methodology are as follows-

  • Inculcating Inquiry Based Learning enabling each student to have the inquisitiveness to learn more
  • Make the kids ready for the 21st century skills required to walk the talk
  • Integration of technology is an important technique followed as the world is dominated by technology and no one wishes to lag behind
  • Teaches the students to learn from the environment as The Paras World School believes that there cannot be any better teacher than the Mother Nature
  • Trying to make the learning visible through various activities to check the knowledge earned
  • Incorporating Multiple Intelligence methodology, the school empowers each student who has his or her unique potential and needs different approach

Not just the higher class students are given importance; in fact the preprimary students are trained to be future ready through various skills development programs.

A healthy person has a healthy mind too. With this belief imbibed strongly within, this premium institution has facilities for sports lovers. Children fond of lawn tennis, basketball, football, cricket can hon their skills. Kids’ gymnasium is another cute contribution by the school. Parents of today’s generation want all the above mentioned highlights in an institution and Paras World School is undoubtedly one of the best choices available.

The students are provided mid-day meal which is a pre-determined one which incorporates balanced diet. One who eats healthy stays healthy.

Admission and Academic Session

Parents willing to get students enrolled in this prestigious school can get it done after the 31st of Mar as the Academic session is from April to March. The school timing of Pre Primary is 8:15 am to 12:45 am whereas from Grade 1to Grade 7, it is 8:15 am to 2:45 pm. The buses they have are GPS enabled for the added safety and security of the students. For every bus, there are both male and female attendants. As it is in the heart of the city, the buses connect almost all the parts of Gurgaon.


Paras World School believes in the imparting of education by all age group as faculty members. They have the perfect combination of young energy to demeanor experience. The group believes in the present ideology that kids need both the energies. The output is great in the long run. That is so true. One can’t agree more.

With The Paras World School coming up, new avenues of development have been on the rise with optimism and the best educational facility. A child’s tremendous development is promised by The Paras World School.


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