Role of Schools in Empowering Children

Great leaders and successful entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. No one is born with a talent; it must be developed and nurtured over a period of time. Roots to a successful and happy life go back to childhood. It is when we are young that our brains are highly receptive and grab concepts faster.

Anything we feed into our brain, no matter whether positive or negative, during our childhood, stays with us and shapes our future. Hence it’s necessary to ensure good thoughts and great habits are planted into our highly receptive brain.

Best Schools in Gurgaon

Parents alone are not responsible for shaping the brain of their kids; schools play an extremely important role in empowering children for a better tomorrow.

Here’s how schools can empower children to achieve greater heights in future:

  • No affection to stereotypes: A school should allow kids to think freely and do things in their own way. A school that sets no paradigm for learning allows kids to discover; and in pursuit of discovery, kids challenge their brain to think of new ways and accomplish interesting and innovative things from a small age. Schools in Gurgaon are making attempts to abolish stereotyped learning methods by bringing in new technologies.
  • Make sports compulsory: Sports have always been overlooked in India. Childhood is the time to go out and play more. Sports shape up the brain, it imparts the lesson of being social, working as a team and it also allows kids to learn how to handle pressure. By making sports compulsory for all kids, schools will be able to create a breed of healthy children. CBSE schools in Gurgaon are making changes and are contemplating opportunities of making sports compulsory for everyone.
  • By letting them choose: A school that follows the grumpy old educational pattern will only produce conventional employees and not leaders. It is time that schools allow kids to choose from varied subjects as per their interest and liking and kids are leveraged with enough time to try new and different things. Paras world School is making attempts to provide their kids with more opportunities in the field of arts, music, dance and sports.
  • Mentorship programs: Mentoring students who want to be an artist, dancer or musician at early stage will help them achieve greater things in life. Best schools in Gurgaon are enrolling mentors from respective field to help kids find their inner calling and make strides for a better tomorrow.
  • Rewards and honors: Organizing various contests and rewarding winners not only gives birth to competitive spirit in kids but will also empower them to strive for excellence. When efforts are rewarded and honored, the zeal to work harder increases. With time-to-time contests, schools can persuade kids to push their limits and excel.

Today, schools have an extremely important role to play in empowering children for a bright future. Parents need to do some research and find a school that aims to bring the best out of every kid.


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