6 Ways to Promote Healthy Eating to Your Kids

Eating healthy and on time triggers the metabolism and helps your child lead a better life. Consumption of nutritive food builds immune system which is important especially in case of children as their body needs these nutrients during the growth years of life.

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Here’s how parents can convince their kids to start eating healthy and make them enjoy the food:

  • Make exotic dishes out of green vegetables: There’s a lot that can be done in order to entice kids to eat those healthy green leafy vegetables. Prepare a dish that has a bit of capsicum, baby corn and add requisite vegetables to it. Your kid will eat it for the sake of baby corn and capsicum but will end up acquiring the much-needed nutrients and vitamins.
  • Payoff with something in return: Your child does not like milk but loves ice-cream? Trade milk consumption against ice-cream. If he drinks a glass of milk for 5 days, treat him with his favorite ice-cream on weekend. Keep some treats handy to be given only when they are done with the healthy meal.
  • Break the monotony: You need to understand that they are kids and childhood is the only time when they can be careless and enjoy life. Bring to them experiences that are worth remembering. Do not force them to eat the same green vegetables every day. Either innovate or give them the much-wanted break. Cook interesting and colorful dishes for them with the same healthy, not-so-tasty ingredients. Sometimes allowing them to eat all the cakes, biscuits and chocolates will help you.
  • Talk to them about the importance of healthy meal: Kids these days are smarter and they tend to observe as well as listen. Talk to your kids about all the benefits of eating healthy. You as parents should also consume healthy meal. They follow what they see. Let them discover new ways of enjoying food.
  • No TV while eating: Demarcate areas in your home for meals like only dining table. Do not allow your child to eat while watching TV. It may lead to insufficient or over-eating due to lack of attention. Encourage discussions on dining table with family and promote it as a family bonding time.
  • Water therapy: Encourage your children to drink water at regular intervals. Explain them the importance of sufficient water consumption. Consuming other forms of liquid like colas and sodas is unhealthy for your child. Let these items be a part of the cheat sheet which can be had only once a while, not often.

Now-a-days when parents are occupied with their work-life and do not find time for their kids, schools have an important role to play. It is important for teachers and caretakers to ensure that good habits are stirred into a child’s receptive mind. Promoting healthy eating by organizing camps in school and special lectures can help them understand the importance of healthy eating. The Paras World School is one of those rare schools that inculcate special sessions along with regular talks on this topic in their routine curriculum.


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