5 Reasons Why Parents Should Encourage Their Kids for Physical Sports

Academic success is important to a kid for a bright future whereas a sport is often neglected for academics. In the IT age, children are more hooked on to games on their computer, Play-stations, smartphones and tablets. Such games are extremely unhealthy for your child as they restrict body movement and strain their eyes. The importance of sports in a student’s life must be realized early on for healthy lifestyle and other significant factors. Participating in sports always yields lifelong benefits.


We have all heard the saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. For a holistic development of your child, you should encourage him/her to participate in some form of sport apart from his studies. Sports can act as a triggering factor that can catalyze the rate of growth for better and ensure a healthier social and personal life.

Here’s why sports is extremely important for every student:

  • It makes them friendly: Playing with fellow students from different origins will make them friendly. When you start interacting with someone who does not speak your language, you tend to grow humble and try to understand others. The simple attempts of trying to understand people will bring in the much-required changes.
  • Builds the spirit of team work: Sports teaches children to be team players. Working in a team with students with varied behaviors will coax kids to grow empathetic and care for others. The idea of caring for others as if they are their own will make the world a much better place to live and develop team spirit in your child.
  • Instills ethical values: Every sport person tends to respect the rules and regulations. Proper eating, being disciplined, following rules on ground and not trying unethical methods are all part of sports. Children raised with such values turn out to be great leaders and managers. They will never pressurize employees to do something that is unethical or illicit.
  • Improves focus: All the sports and games are about focus and concentration. Be it cricket, tennis or football, till the time you are focused and watching the moves of your opponent you are in the game. The moment you lose focus, you lose the game. Being active in sports teaches kids to concentrate better in life. It will make them determined and help them transform their goals into reality.
  • Sports promote healthy lifestyle: After you have sweat profusely on the field, you lose all the unwanted cholesterol and carbohydrates. The lesser the fat you accumulate the healthier you grow. Starting with sporting activities earlier in life reduces the chances of falling ill as you grow older. One can enjoy healthy food and sometimes also indulge into gluttony without worrying about gaining that extra amount of fat. A sport sets one’s life on the right track.

Schools should provide a suitable atmosphere for their students to indulge in sporting activities. Like Paras World School gives due importance to sports in their curriculum and provides infrastructure for the same.


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