How to Choose Best School For Your Child

In the modern world where graduates from reputed colleges are over-shadowed by entrepreneurs who dropped out; it is important for parents to revisit the rulebook of selecting a school for their kids.

It is not colleges that produce great engineers, lawyers or entrepreneurs, it is the school where incredible talent is born, and nurtured and strong foundation is built. Colleges are more or less about degree while school is about developing and honing skills.

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If you are looking for a school for your kid, here are a few factors you must look into:

  • The past record: We should never judge a book by its cover but by its review. Scan through the past record of the schools. Find out how many toppers, artists, politicians and philanthropists have been there. A school that presents a portfolio consisting of quality leaders and influencers will certainly help your kid find their own path.
  • Importance to extra-curricular activities: Schools are not only about mugging textbooks and writing answers in exams. School is more about trying new things and finding inner callings. A school that supports extra-curricular activities like sports should always be given preference. Your kid will fail to make a name in the world if you fail to provide him with a chance to do different things and get good at it. Paras World School is one such school that gives importance to Sports by providing state-of-the-art facilities for students.
  • A school that values art: It is extremely important that you select a school that allows your kid to explore various art forms like singing, painting, dancing and designing. A school that undermines the value of art will coax your kid to follow stereotypes and will turn your unique kid into just another employee. Select a school that encourages your child value art, to think differently and world is a canvas for their art form.
  • A school that abides by the rules: There are in-numerous schools that are expert at breaching rules. A school that fails to abide by rules will fail to raise great citizens. Apart from that, a school that puts rules on side can put your kids under unwanted danger. Save your kid some hassle by selecting a school that follows regulations and works in harmony with government institutions.
  • A friendly environment: A school that is run by a strict director may look good and disciplined but too much pressure will kill the thinking ability of your kid. Extreme pressure can demotivate your child or turn him into a mugger who by hearts everything just to write in exams. Find a school where teachers are friendly and try to create an environment where kids are allowed to think freely and also experiment.

As parents, you have to try your best to find the best school but do not overlook these factors when choosing a school. It is important to send your kids to a place where leaders are created but never compromise with the creative quotient.


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